Why I Became a Life Coach with Sober-Recovery Qualities

A little background on me and my work in addiction treatment, life coaching and sober services as it applies to the benefits of transitional coaching



Through all my years of working in the mental health and treatment field, both in Florida and California, I always thought there seemed to be a lack of professional (and certified) life coaches with ample experience in the addiction field. It is unfortunate that with such a high rate of relapse post-treatment due to the life changing nature of early recovery, that there are not more qualified “Transitional Coaches” to help newcomers integrate sobriety and life together? Why don’t more drug rehab centers have qualified, experienced and educated staff on hand to pair clients up with after treatment to help them integrate sobriety into a successful life?

It is no secret that addicts tend to overreact from time to time. What may seem like a petty issue to most people might literally have dire consequences to someone in their first few weeks in recovery! Once you consider juggling outpatient treatment, 12-step meetings, job hunting, school, family and other stressors, there can be a tendency to slide backwards without even knowing it.

The reason I am passionate about coaching is because seeing someone slowly trudge and maintain their resolve and come out the other end with more knowledge about their capabilities is exhilarating…I love it! My job isn’t to idly stand by and cheer them on, but rather to keep guiding them down a path of walking through their feelings and holding them accountable while keeping their eye on the goals they set. My goal is to help them define themselves and who they want to be.

Professional life coaching from a recovery perspective is truly what I was meant to do. Even clients who do not struggle with an addiction, are able to benefit by integrating recovery principles into their relationships, family life, professional life, etc. If you or anyone you know thinks you can benefit please don’t hesitate to call me at any time! Whether you or they are located in South Florida or anywhere in the world for that matter, we can speak either face to face or by phone or video chat.

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