The importance of having proper transitional guidance and sober/life coaching services upon leaving a residential addiction treatment center…


It is extremely common for someone to complete a residential or inpatient drug rehab facility and immediately bounce back into their old lifestyle. For those of you who have experienced such scenarios either in your’s or someone else’s recovery process, you’re probably quite familiar with what usually happens. Resuming a previous lifestyle without proper transitioning following the safety net of treatment is among the top reasons as to why a newly sober drug addict or alcoholic relapses. They may spend 30, 60 or 90 days gaining all sorts of wonderful new recovery tools, but how do they know when, where and how to apply them?

Making a major life change, such as embarking on a path of sobriety following years of substance abuse, is a difficult endeavor that requires transitioning steps, guidance, objective insight, commitment and more. Living within a recovery mindset is not something that would ordinarily feel natural. Much of it goes against the grain of how the person has been living until now.

Making a commitment toward a new sober way of life is a big deal; it can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. It means applying a new set of standards in nearly everything you do, whether recovery related or not. From managing your career to improving your marriage and/or family life to going to school and meetings and everything else, it’s important to weigh everything objectively while prioritizing effectively.

So how does one effectively transition out of a residential drug rehab facility in a manner that addresses all of life’s recovery as well as non-recovery related issues? How about a sober or recovery coach? Or what about a life coach? Even better, what about combining the two and utilizing a “Transitional Coach?” Great idea!

Welcome to Paradigm…where life coaching & sober coaching are able to merge as one, and ultimately help the newcomer integrate everything they learned in treatment in a manner that addresses everything going on in their life. A transitional coach is a wonderful solution for someone who is genuinely interested in bettering their life while strengthening their sobriety. This includes; working on family & relationship issues, school and/or career guidance, arranging therapy or outpatient treatment, creating realistic plans, goal setting and so much more… A sober coach is great, a life coach is great, and a transitional coach brings both elements together so that one complements the other.

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