Certified Life Coaching and Transitional Recovery Guidance

Bringing success full-circle and helping guide those with a myriad of challenges including relationship problems, addictions, misdirection, self-worth, family problems, burnout and a general feeling of knowing what you want but not knowing how to obtain it…


Life recovery coaching services for sober drug addicts and alcoholics

Recovery and sober life coaching for families and rehab clients.

Palm Beach Miami Florida life sober recovery coaching service

Many people in today’s society reach pinnacles throughout their lives with the guidance and oversight of highly trained, objective and solution-driven individuals often referred to as “Life Coaches.” Then there are those who have faced the trials and tribulations of addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse and other similar disorders that further complicate their lives; these individuals often seek the help of “Recovery or Sober Coaches.” The question is, where does a person turn when they seek a coaching professional that embodies the best of both worlds?

Consider thisas we watch the MVP ceremony following a national championship, how often do we stop and ask ourselves, “Which people in this athlete’s journey played key roles as he or she rose through the ranks, from peewee league to the world’s greatest?” What about the Fortune 500 CEO who was nothing more than an average student in high school? Or how about the recovering addict or alcoholic who struggled in so many ways, yet today leads a life that most could only wish for?


Licensed certified life coaches and sober recovery coaching therapy services florida


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Welcome to PARADIGM Life Coaching Solutions! Based out of Palm Beach County, Florida, and with services offered nationwide, Paradigm is truly unique and based on a set of standards and principles that offer greater depth and broader focus. Whatever issues you or your loved one may be facing, we invite you to learn more about who we are and how we can help turn your situation around in more ways than one…

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Feel free to contact us 7 days a week at (561) 351-3447 or by confidential email at info@paradigmlifecoachingsolutions.com or through our automated online form HERE


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